HONG KONG — A new study published this week in the journal Animal Kingdom revealed that hippos have a capacity to tell stories. “By analysing the patterns of hippo interaction we have concluded that hippos do far more than simply communicate. We have found that in groups they act in patterns of intra-action where they fabulate new universes amongst each other,” said study’s author and Hong Kong University professor Edward G. Robinson, Ph.D., nothing that when hippo’s make sounds or fart, they are consequently playing with that expressions to the extend that it takes on a new consistency within the sociality of the hippo community. Important to this discovery is that in this play and fabulation hippos are not limited to their own group, but it keeps including new objects and other subjects. The study found, for instance, that often birds take on important roles in the fabulation of hippos, and that in this process the birds become part and parcel of the community. Thus the researchers conclude that hippos are, to paraphrase French philosopher Gilles Deleuze, always in the process of inventing a new people. Robinson adds that this research might have huge consequence for how we perceive the animal kingdom, as having far more capacity to think-feel than our human centred image holds.