a d v e n t u r e  t i m e

an in-secret memo on the powers of the false

into the depths of strangeness


on a scale of dragon, the following in-formation is considered HUGE is  huge   huge  huge  huge

in whose company are you? a question to the dragons



the in-formation has been

tainted by politics; a politics before its information

the immanent release of

this memo is of dire



The consequences cannot be overseen

They can never be



could only talk  O   R   A   N  G  E ( l  y )  with-the-dragons

hos (ti) pitality






never enter alone - always more than one


"we love wooden floor but not wooden doors" ()









All scales of action are present in the flash of [dragontude]. How can the act of activism produce an enthusiasm of the body that carries, in a flash, all these scales, all these durations?



an immanent

etiquette to  receive


dragons at home





never a perilous endeavour

risk, loose, danger


loose all, find all

modes of entering


Oh, yeah. Oh, don’t worry, 100 percent. Can you imagine that?


one hundred percent


100% (thumbs up)


                           powers of the false

might take over

            faces are swapped

                        Identities divided :: dividuals


Urgency was not misplaced. The weight of the world we compose with, a world of austerity and neoliberalism and racism and exclusion which every day undervalues what collective living can be, is a heavy burden to live with