“Who is invisible enough to see you?”



an ethics for making dying illegal – a recipe, for survival or how to I’d rather not to die



a schizosomatic proposition from afar:

with a concern for the always disappearing sock

To dress a huge bombom

The size of a room’s architecture

To preach biting and scratching

To move one’s legs until they snap

To eat a piece of light

With a mouthful of shadow slices

To poke four eyes

To lick someone else’s head’s hair

To bite a cheek without biting

To slap the air. Softly

To gasp. Once

To put two paper cones. One for each ear. Inside each ear

To slide one’s forehead on a slippery glass

To open the mouth in a circle. Three times

To think not aloud: wah weh pah muh meh

To pull a sleeve until the hand is hidden

To draw a line with a finger from belly

button to left shoulder

To draw a line with two fingers from

Belly button to belly button. Going around the waist

To put a ball of paper inside the mouth. Trying not to wet it

Then spit it

To thread a braid with your hair

And then pull from it

Four times

To pinch your skin while shutting your eyes very strongly

To open and close your eyelids as fast as you can for 30 seconds

To touch one of your teeth

With one of your fingers

One jump with the sound of ha

To pull your own sweater until your whole body is completely lost inside it

Repeat at least once a month with all the necessary variations


"“Like Deleuze. I believe in the world and want to be in it. I want to be in it all the way to the end of it because I believe in another world in the world and I want to be in that. And I plan to stay a believer, like Curtis May eld. But that’s beyond me, and even beyond me and Stefano, and out into the world, the other thing, the other world, the joyful noise of the scattered, scatted eschaton, the undercommon refusal of the academy of misery.”


yesss, hospitality !!!

advvv [2:50 PM]

“Critics have the issue backwards: the greater the departure from the norm, the more a concept of neurodiversity is required. […] We need to make room for difference, even, or especially, when that difference seems incapable of producing prized forms of competence. We need to be *hospitable*, however tired or frustrated caregivers and service providers might be (or focused on the bottom line politicians might be). There are myriad ways to be present, connected, and alive; myriad ways to have relationships. In sum, one certainly can adopt a neurodiverse perspective on significant impairment. Indeed, one must.”




from medieval Latin hospitare ‘entertain’, from hospes, hospit- (see host1) .


and if you are a G in entertaining

you are a Ghost !!!!!!

ft [2:59 PM]






“This foregrounding of the immediate field of experience we call entertainment. Entertainment is prior to the distinction between active and passive, sub- ject and object.

Entertainment is captivation in a dance of attention.”