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  Chaque numéro d’Inflexions présente un regroupement de contributions autour d’une thématique spéciale (« Nœud »)  et  un varia de contributions courtes (« Tangentes »). Les textes peuvent être en anglais ou en français. Toutes celles et ceux intéressé(e)s à apporter leur contribution sont invité(e)s à contacter le collectif de rédaction.

NOEUDS- une série de textes ou d'oeuvres conceptuellement interreliés qui traîtent d'une problématique particulière dans une variété de modes différents, incluant, mais non limités aux textes académiques.

TANGENTES - des contributions individuelles à la théorie et la pratique de la recherche-création. Les tangentes poursuivent un trajet qui leur appartient et résonnent à travers leurs divergences. Pris ensemble, elles suggèrent des connexions potentielles entre elles-mêmes et avec le noeud du numéro en question.

> INFLeXions ISSUE   9
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No.9 F(r)ictions |
curated and edited by Hubert Gendron-Blais, Diego Gil, Joel E. Mason (July 2016)
No. 8
Radical Pedagogies|
edited by Gerko Egert, Ilona Hongisto, Michael Hornblow, Katve-Kaisa Kontturi, Mayra Morales, Ronald Rose-Antoinette, Adam Szymanski
No. 7 Animating Biophilosophy |
edited by A.J. Nocek, Phillip Thurtle, Marie-Pier Boucher and Adam Szymanski
No. 6
Arakawa and Gins, a special issue of Inflexions
edited by Jondi Keane & Trish Glazebrook
No. 5 Gilbert Simondon |
edited by Marie-Pierre Boucher, Patrick Harrop and Troy Rhoades
No. 4 Transversal Fields of Experience
Christoph Brunner, Troy Rhoades, Bianca Scliar, and Janita Wiersma
No. 3 Micropolitics: Exploring Ethico-Aesthetics|edited by Nasrin Himada, Erin Manning and Leslie Plumb
No. 2 Rhythmic Nexus
the Felt Togetherness of Movement and Thought |edited by Stamatia Portonova, Bianca Scliar and Natasha Prévost
No. 1 How is Research Creation |
edited by Alanna Thain, Christoph Brunner and Natasha Prévost


No. 9 F(r)ictions - July 2016

Curated and Edited by Hubert Gendron-Blais, Diego Gil, Joel E. Mason, Art Direction and Web Design by Leslie Plumb

NODE - F(r)ictions

An Introprocession.
Hubert Gendron-Blais, Diego Gil, Joel E. Mason,
i - vii

Des vues/ On figments
Quelques parts

Harrow   |   Correspondence Course Episode 05

Judith Leemann

Weeping 01
Althea Baird & Marie Alarcon
A Vague Sense Of Knowing It's Crawling Just Beneath The Skin    
Marie Alarcon

untitled : mourning

Adriana Disman

Network project    
Rodrigo Sobarzo de Larraechea

The Body as a Source of Values and Rhythms
Joe Steele : Tyhgita Cespedes : McKersin Previlus

Uncanny Valley Stuff Diggings
Dana Michel

Run | Black Child | Exhalted | Awake to Die from Life Dreams

Jayanthi Kyle

The Very Supports of Existence: Variations on a Theme
Joel Gorrie

Paz Rojo

  TANGENTS - F(r)ictions

Lifting the Creek: A Call to Arms in the Valley of the Wild
Grant Corbishley

The Very Supports of Existence: Variations on a Theme
Ronald Rose-Antoinette

How to carry a landscape; Or, a crystalline gaze into the boundless wild.
Matthew-Robin Nye


No. 8 Radical Pedagogy

Edited by Gerko Egert, Ilona Hongisto, Michael Hornblow, Katve-Kaisa Kontturi, Mayra Morales, Ronald Rose-Antoinette, Adam Szymanski
Art Direction and Web Design by Leslie Plumb

NODE 8 - Animating Biophilosophy
edited by Mayra Morales, Ronald Rose-Antoinette, Adam Szymanski, Michael Hornblow

Entry Ways
Ramona Benveniste, Érik Bordeleau, Michael Hornblow, Erin Manning, Brian Massumi, Mayra Morales, Csenge Kolozsvari, Leslie Plumb, Ronald Rose-Antoinette and Adam Szymanski
i - v

Unprofessional Painting, Unprofessional Teaching
Andrew Goodman

Deterritorializing Language – Shift, Mix, Trace and Express
Bodil Marie Stavning Thomsen
11- 19

Critical Passions: Building Architectural Movements Toward a Radical Pedagogy (in 10 steps)    
Pia Ednie-Brown
20 - 48

Diagramming Double Vision
Jorrit Groot, Toni Pape & Chrys Vilvang
49 - 58

Collective Expression: A Radical Pragmatics
Brian Massumi
59 - 88

Pédagogie Radicale, ou Chemins de traverse de l’expérimentation individuelle et collective à l’événement esthétique
Louise Boisclair
89 - 94

Eight Very Vary(s): Towards a Program of Mistakes-on-Purpose
Jondi Keane
95 - 109

Some Thoughts-Sentiments Around Teaching-Learning-Thinking-Living: A Small Emergent Sadness
Mayra Morales

if the earth is the pedagogy…
Ronald Rose-Antoinette
116 - 129

La méthode de dramatisation et la question Qui?: variations en marge de la lecture collective de Nietzsche et la philosophie. SenseLab, Printemps 2014
Érik Bordeleau
130 - 153

Towards a Pedagogy of Moments
Melora Koepke
154 - 161

Subversive Pedagogy – The Intruder
Geoffrey Edwards
162 - 184

Running-Ecologies: Thinking Movement Pedagogically
Nikki Rotas
185 - 189

Entering the Event, Through the Unconscious
Adam Szymanski
190 - 201

10 Propositions for a Radical Pedagogy, or How to Rethink Value
Erin Manning
202 - 210

Déplacer la géopolitique de la connaissance
Laura T. Ilea
211 - 221

A Sahara in the Head: The Problem of Landing
Michael Hornblow
222 - 238


edited by Marie-Pier Boucher and Adam Szymanski

Sharing Distance: On the Precarious Assemblage of Singularities and the Art of Collectivity. An Interview with Peter Pál Pelbart
Gerko Egert & Peter Pál Pelbart

Fictioneering: A Technique for Living
Justy Phillips

The Inflexions of the Undercommons. Lingering Ghosts: (Un)Answered Questions, (Un)Present Speakers, (Un)Read Books and Readers?
Katjaigoj, Stefan Apostolou-Hölscher & Martina Ruhsam

A Problem of Scale and Translation: A Design Project in 8 Acts

Samantha Spurr

We are in a Social Emergency. Now What?
Kenneth Bailey & Lori Lobenstine (Design Studio for Social Intervention)

Inter-sections: notes autour d’une technique sur les rapports musique et pensée

Hubert Gendron-Blais

The Unchoreography of Dance Politics
Anique Vered & Joel Mason

Temporal Re-Scrambling
Sissel Marie Tonn

Perception: On Surprise and Expectation
Elliott Rajnovic

The Parasitic is Artistic
Karolina Kucia

More Than Three Moves: Wind from the East to the West

Mi-Jeong Lee


No. 7 Animating Biophilosophy

Edited by A.J. Nocek and Phillip Thurtle with Marie-Pier Boucher and Adam Szymanski
web design by Leslie Plumb
NODE 7 - Animating Biophilosophy
edited by A.J. Nocek, Phillip Thurtle

Introduction: Vitalizing Thought
Phillip Thurtle and A.J. Nocek

On Ascensionism
Eugene Thacker

Biomedia and the Pragmatics of Life in Architectural Design
A.J. Nocek

Concepts have a life on their own: Biophilosophy, History and Structure in Georges Canguilhem
Henning Schmidgen

Animation and Vitality
Phillip Thurtle

dowhile (2009)
Elizabeth Buschmann

Currents (2008)
Stephanie Maxwell

Animation and the Medium of Life
Deborah Levitt

Finding Animals with Plant Intelligence

Richard Doyle

edited by Marie-Pier Boucher and Adam Szymanski

RV (Room Vehicle) Prototype: Where the Surface Meets the Machine
Greg Lynn

The Rhythmic Dance of (Micro-)Contrasts
Gerko Egert

Continuous Horizons

Lisa Sommerhuber

Christian Marclay's The Clock as Relational Environment
Toni Pape

Rotating Tongues

Elisabeth Brauner
In the Middle of it All: Words on and
with Peter Mettler

Adam Szymanski
209-216 Spacestation
Julia Koerner

Animal Enrichment and The VivoArts School for Transgenics Aesthetics Ltd.
Adam Zaretsky

Space Collective
Nora Graw

Andy Gracie

To Embrace Golden Beauty: An Interview from Around the Canopy
David Zink-Yi and
Antonio Fernandini-Guerrero


Into the Midst

This issue is the first experiment in our new 'out of series' journal issues. Authorship within these issues will be treated as a collective experience, and contributions to an issue engaged by the design as a chorus. The design of this particular issue is a collaboration between Erin Manning and Leslie Plumb.

This issue consists of responses from the SenseLab Collective and participants of the 'Into the Midst' event that occurred in October of 2012. Into the Midst was a five-day collaborative research-creation workshop in and around the SATosphere, the Society for Art and Technology's interactive immersive projection environment (aka 'The Dome').


No. 6 Arakawa & Gins, a special issue of Inflexions

edited by Jondi Keane & Trish Glazebrook
web design by Leslie Plumb

Here Where it Lives...Biocleave
Jondi Keane and Trish Glazebrook

Open Letters
Madeline Gins i-viii

NODE: No. 6 Arakawa + Gins special issue of Inflexions
Emerging scholars and established authors explore the historical, performative and ethical aspects of Arakawa and Gins' work and, each from their unique personal, academic or practical experiences, discuss how Arakawa and Gins may guide us to live life on new terms.
Mapping Reversible Destiny
Trish Glazebrook and Sarah Conrad 22-40

Escaping the Museum
David Kolb 41-71

Jean-Jacques Lecercle 72-79

The Reversible Eschatology of Arakawa and Gins
Russell Hughes 80-102

Chaos, Autopoiesis and/or Leonardo da Vinci/Arakawa
Hideo Kawamoto 103–111

Daddy, Why do Things have Outlines?: Constructing the Architectural Body
Helene Frichot 112–124

Tentatively Constructing Images: The Dynamism of Piet Mondrian's Paintings

Troy Rhoades 125–153

Evidence Architectural Body by Accident, Destiny Reversed by Design

Blair Solovy 154-168

Breathing the Walls
James Cunningham 169–188

Technology and the Body Public
Stephen Read 189-213

Bioscleave: Shaping our Biological Niches
Stanley Shostak 214-224

Arakawa and Gins: The Organism-Person-Environment Process
Eugene Gendlin 225-236

An Arakawa and Gins Experimental Teaching Space – A Feasibility Study
Jondi Keane 237–252



The keynote texts offer insight into the way that Arakawa and Gins' work informs positions within and across a range of research areas in an effort assist anyone embarking on daily research.

The Mechanism of Meaning: A Pedagogical Skecthbook
Gordon Bearn 253–269

Wayfinding through Landing Sites and Architectural Bodies: Exploring the Roles of Trajectoriness, Affectivatoriness, and Imaging Along
Reuben Baron 270-285

Trajectory of ARAKAWA Shusaku: from Kan-Oké (Coffin) to the Reversible Destiny Lofts
Fumi Tsukahara 286-297

A Snailspace
Tom Conley 298–316

Made/line Gins or Arakawa in

Marie Dominique Garnier 317–339

The Dance of Attention
Erin Manning 340–367

What Counts as Language in a Closely Argued Built-Discourse?
Gregg Lambert 368-380

Constructing Poiesis: Storyboards for an immersive diagramming
Alan Prohm 381–415

Open Wide, Come Inside: Laughter, Composure and Architectural Play
Pia Ednie-Brown 416–427

Arakawa died on May 18, 2010. These tributes in his honour recognize the significance of his work offering personal accounts and speculations upon where Arakawa and Gins work may lead.
What Arakawa Did
Don Byrd 428–441

Don Ihde 442-445

For Arakawa, Nine More Lives
Jean-Michel Rabaté 446–448

These works been inspired or provoked by engagements with Arakawa and Gins or have been produced by thinking through the implications of their work as a starting point or as a springboard to further thought.
Approximately Arakawa and Gins
Ken Wark 448-449

A Perspective of the Universe
Erin Manning and Brian Massumi

Axial Lecture on Self-Orientation
George Quasha

Bob Bowen

Bob Bowen


INFLeXions No. 5 - Gilbert Simondon (March 2012)

edited by Marie-Pierre Boucher, Patrick Harrop and Troy Rhoades
interface-concept design by Ron Simon
web development by Leslie Plumb

NODE: No. 5 - Gilbert Simondon
edited by Marie-Pierre Boucher and Patrick Harrop
Milieus, Techniques, Aesthetics
Marie–Pier Boucher and Patrick Harrop i–iii

What is Relational Thinking?
Didier Debaise 1–11

38Hz., 7.5 Minutes
Ted Krueger 12–29

Humans and Machines
Thomas Lamarre 30–68

Simondon, Bioart, and the Milieus of Biotechnology
Rob Mitchell 69–111

Just Noticeable Difference:
Ontogenesis, Performativity and the Perceptual Gap
Chris Salter 112–130

Machine Cinematography
Henning Schmidgen 131–148

Alien Media: Interview with Rafael Lozano–Hemmer
Marie–Pier Boucher and Patrick Harrop 149–160


TANGENTS: No. 5 - Gilbert Simondon
edited by Troy Rhoades
Le temps de l’oeuvre, le temps de l’acte: Entretien avec Bernard Aspe
Interview by Erik Bordeleau 161–184

Gobs and Gobs of Metaphor: Larry Bissonette’s Typed Massage
Ralph James Savarese 185–224

Messy Time, Refined
Ronald T Simon
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INFLeXions No. 4 - Transversal Fields of Experience (Nov. 2010)

edited by Christoph Brunner, Troy Rhoades, Bianca Scliar, and Janita Wiersma
web design by Leslie Plumb

NODE: No. 4 - Transversal Fields of Experience
edited by Christoph Brunner and Troy Rhoades

Transversal Fields of Experience
Christoph Brunner and Troy Rhoades i-viii

ZeNeZ and the Re[a]dShift BOOM!
Sher Doruff 1-32

Body, The Scrivener – The Somagrammical Alphabet Of “Deep”
Kaisa Kurikka and Jukka Sihvonen 33-47

Anarchival Cinemas
Alanna Thain 48-68

Syn-aesthetics – total artwork or difference engine?
Anna Munster 69-94

Icon Icon
Aden Evens 95-117

Edgy Colour: Digital Colour in Experimental Film and Video
Simon Payne 118-140

“Still Life” de Jia Zhangke: Les temps de la rencontre
Erik Bordeleau 141-163

To Dance Life: On Veridiana Zurita’s “Das Partes for Video”
Rick Dolphijn 164-182

Jazz And Emergence (Part One) - From Calculus to Cage, and from Charlie Parker to Ornette Coleman: Complexity and the Aesthetics and Politics of Emergent Form in Jazz
Martin E. Rosenberg 183-277
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TANGENTS: No. 4 - Transversal Fields of Experience (*Flash plugins required)
edited by Bianca Scliar and Janita Wiersma
3 Poems
Crina Bondre Ardelean

Healing Series*
Brian Knep 278-280
R.U.N.: A Short Statement on the Work*
Paul Gazzola 281-284
Castings: A Conversation*
Deborah Margo, Bianca Scliar Mancini and Janita Wiersma 285-310
Matter, Manner, Idea

Sjoerd van Tuinen 311-336

On Critique
Brian Massumi
Loco-Motion* (Flash version concept made in collaboration with Leslie Plumb)
Andrew Murphie
341-343 > HTML version
  An Emergent Tuning as Molecular Organizational Mode
Heidi Fast 344-359

Semiotext(e): Interview with Sylvere Lotringer

Andreia Oliveira

INFLeXions No. 3 - Micropolitics: Exploring Ethico-Aesthetics (Oct. 2009)

edited by Nasrin Himada, Erin Manning and Leslie Plumb
web design by Leslie Plumb
NODE: No. 3 - Micropolitics: Exploring Ethico-Aesthetics
edited by Nasrin Himada and Erin Manning
From Noun to Verb: The Micropolitics of "Making Collective" - An Interview between Inflexions Editors Ering Manning & Nasrin Himada
with Erin Manning and Nasrin Himada i-viii

Plants Don't Have Legs - An Interview with Gina Badger
with Gina Badger and Nasrin Himada 1-32

Becoming Apprentice to Materials - An Interview with Adam Bobbette
with Adam Bobbette and Nasrin Himada 33-47

Micropolitics in the Desert - Politics and the Law in Australian Aborigianl Communities" - An Interview with Barbara Glowczewski
with Barbara Glowczewski, Erin Manning and Brian Massumi 48-68

Les baleines et la forêt amazonienne - Gabriel Tarde et la cosmopolitique Entrevue avec Bruno Latoure
avec Bruno Latour, Erin Manning et Brian Massumi 69-94

Of Whales and the Amazon Forest - Gabriel Tarde and Cosmopolitics Interview with Bruno Latour
with Bruno Latour, Erin Manning and Brian Massumi 95-117

Saisir le politique dans l’évènementiel - Entrevue avec Maurizio Lazzarato
avec Maurizio Lazzarato, Erin Manning et Brian Massumi 118-140

Grasping the Political in the Event - Interview with Maurizio Lazzarato
with Maurizio Lazzarato, Erin Manning and Brian Massumi 141-163

Cinematic Practice Does Politics - Interview with Julia Loktev
with Julia Loktev and Nasrin Himada 164-182

Of Microperception and Micropolitics - An Interview with Brian Massumi
with Joel Loktev and Brian Massumi 183-275

Histoire du milieu: entre macro et mésopolique - Entrevue avec Isabelle Stengers
avec Isabelle Stengers, Erin Manning, et Brian Massumi 183-275

History through the Middle: Between Macro and Mesopolitics - an Interview with Isabelle Stengers
with Isabelle Stengers, Erin Manning, and Brian Massumi 183-275

Non-NODE non-TANGENT: No. 3 - Micropolitics: Exploring Ethico-Aesthetics

Affective Territories by Margarida Carvalho

Margarida Carvalho, College of Media Studies and Communication - Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon 183-275

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TANGENTS: No. 3 - Micropolitics: Exploring Ethico-Aesthetics (*all tangents require Flash plugins)
edited by Erin Manning and Leslie Plumb
  Tangents for this issue are “molecules” from Society of Molecules - May 1-7 2009 a distributed international event organized by the SenseLab. Each molecule was composed of 3-10 people in 16 locations across the world. One member of each molecule was designated as an “emissary” and visited another molecule during the period leading up to the event. Emissaries deposited a “seed” with the host molecule and brought back a “recipe” to their home molecule. Molecular events were conceived as local interventions with ethico-aesthetic reverbations on a micropolitical level.


Appetite Forever: Amsterdam Molecule*
Rick Dolphi jn and Veridiana Zurita
Digestive Derivatives: Amsterdam Molecule*
Sher Doruff
Body of Water: Weimar Molecule*
João da Silva
Concrete Gardens: Montreal Molecule 1*    
Cuerpo Común: Madrid Molecule*
Jaime del Val
Dark Precursor: Naples Molecule*
Beatrice Ferrara, Vito Campanelli, Tiziana Terranova, Michaela Quadraro, Vittorio Milone
Diagramming Movement: London Molecule*
Sebastian Abrahamsson, Gill Clarke, Diana Henry, Jeff Hung, Joe Gerlach, Zeynep Gunduz, Chris Jannides, Thomas Jellis, Derek McCormack, Sarah Rubidge, Alan Stones, Andrew Wilford
Double Booking: Boston Molecule*
Free Phone: San Diego/Tijuana Molecule*
Micha Cardenas, Chris Head, Katherine Sweetman, Camilo Ontiveros, Elle Mehrmand and Felipe Zuniga
Futuring Bodies: Melbourne Molecule*
Tony Yap, Mike Hornblow, Pia Ednie-Brown and her Plastic Futures studio- PALS Plasticity and Autotrophic Life Society, Adele Varcoe and her Fashion Design studio (both from RMIT)
Generative Thought Machine: Sydney Molecule*
Mat Wall-Smith, Anna Munster, Andrew Murphie, Gillian Fuller, Lone Bertelsen
Humboldt's Meal: Berlin Molecule*
Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll, Alex Schweder
Lack of Information: Montreal Molecule 2*
Jonas Fritsch, Christoph Brunner, Joel Mckim, Marie-Eve Bélanger...
Olympic Phi-Fi: London Molecule 2*
M. Beatrice Fazi, Jonathan Fletcher, Caroline Heron, Luciana Parisi
Vagins-à-Dents: Hull Molecule *
Marie-Ève Bélanger, Jean-Pierre Couture, Dalie Giroux, Rebecca Lavoie
Wait: Toronto Molecule*
Alessandra Renzi, Laura Kane

INFLeXions No. 2 - Rhythmic Nexus: the Felt Togetherness of Movement and Thought (Jan. 2009)

edited by Stamatia Portonova, Bianca Scliar and Natasha Prévost
web design by Leslie Plumb

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  NODE: No. 2 - Rhythmic Nexus: the Felt Togetherness of Movement and Thought
edited by Stamatia Portonova
Editorial: The Complexity of Collabor(el)ations
Stamatia Portanova

Trilogie Stroboscopique + Lilith
Antonin De Bemels

The Speculative Generalization of the Function: A Key to Whitehead
James Bradley

Propositions for the Verge: William Forsythe's Choreographic Objects
Erin Manning

Extensive Continuum: Towards a Rhythmic Anarchitecture
Steve Goodman & Luciana Parisi

Feeling Feelings: the Work of Russell Dumas through Whitehead's Process and Reality
Philipa Rothfield

Against Full Frontal
Alanna Thain


TANGENT: No. 2 - Rhythmic Nexus: the Felt Togetherness of Movement and Thought
edited by Natasha Prévost and Bianca Scliar Mancini (*all tangents require Flash plugins)
Walking Distance from the Studio*
Francis Alÿs
The Red Line
Lex Braes
Research-Creation Collaboration*
Marie Brassard & Alessander MacSween
Occasional Experiences Series (excerpts)*
Gerardo Cibelli
Spatial Vibration: string-based instrumen, study II, 2008*
Olafur Eliasson
Hand's Door*
Michel Groisman
Louise Lecavalier
Otto Oscar Hernández Ruiz
Bending Back In a Field of Experience*
João da Silva
How I learned to stop loving and worry about Dubai*
Charles Stankievech
Vinil Filmes

INFLeXions No. 1- How is Research-Creation? (May 2008)

edited by Alanna Thain, Christoph Brunner and Natasha Prevost

NODE: No. 1- How is Research-Creation?
edited by Alanna Thain
Affective Commotion
Alanna Thain

Creative Propositions for Thought in Motion
Erin Manning

The Thinking-Feeling of What Happens: A Semblance of a Conversation
Brian Massumi

Clone your Technics! Research-Creation, Radical Empiricism and the Constraints of Models
Andrew Murphie

Thinking Spaces for Research-Creation
Derek McCormack

Infinity in a Step: On the Compression and Complexity of a Movement Thought
Stamatia Portanova

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TANGENTS: No. 1 - How is Research-Creation?
edited by Christoph Brunner and Natasha Prevost
Systèmes des Sons
Frédéric Lavoie

What is a Smooth Plane? A journey of Nomadology 001
Yuk Hui

Amélie Brisson-Darveau

Fugue Marc Ngui: Diagrams for Deleuze & Guattari’s A Thousand Plateaus
Bianca Scliar Mancini

Diagrams for Deleuze & Guattari's A Thousand Plateaus
Marc Ngui

This Was Now; Terrains of Absence
Mark Iwinski

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