Inflexions No. 11:  popfab* (11/11 2019)
Edited by Halbe Kuipers
Contributors: Abrahão de Oliveira Santos, Rodrigo dos Santos, Sher Doruff, André Fogliano, Ernesto Filho, Christine Greiner, Anouk Hoogendoorn, Halbe Kuipers, Côme Ledésert, Montserrat Llampallas, Erin Manning, Jorge Menna Barreto, Alexis Minopoulos, Mayra Morales, Fabiane M. Borges, Ricardo Rodrigues Teixeira, Francisco Trento, Jean Tible, Sebastian Wiedemann
Designed by Matisse A-M , Francisco Trento and PopFabRadPed

INfLx pOp up 1:  Diversity in Diversity* (Sept 2018)
Immanent editing by SpaZe
Contributors: Rachel Armstrong, Simone Ferracina, Rolf Hughes, Estée Klar, Halbe Kuipers, Mayra Morales, Tito Mukhopadhyay, Francisco Trento, Adam Wolfond
Designed by Matisse ApSimon-Megens and PopFabRadPed

Inflexions No. 10:  Modes of Exhaustion* (Oct 2017)
Edited by Érik Bordeleau, Christoph Brunner, Halbe Kuipers, Nguyen Nam Chi, Toni Pape
Design by Leslie Plumb & Matisse ApSimon-Megens & PopFabRadPed
* the full interactive experience of this issue is only available via computer. PDFs of issue contents are available here.

Inflexions No. 9: F(r)ictions* (July 2016)
Curation and Editing by Hubert Gendron-Blais, Diego Gil, Joel E. Mason
Design by Leslie Plumb
* please view on a computer, to experience the interactive version of this issue. A simplified version has be created for mobile devices.

Inflexions No. 8: Radical Pedagogy *PLEASE NOTE: This issue uses pop-up windows, and javascript optimized for Safari and Firefox. Please enable their use on your browser.

Edited by Gerko Egert, Ilona Hongisto, Michael Hornblow, Katve-Kaisa Kontturi, Mayra Morales, Ronald Rose-Antoinette & Adam Szymanski

Editing of the Infrathin by Ramona Benveniste, Csenge Kolozsvari, Mayra Morales & Leslie Plumb in conjunction with 'Movements of Thought and Knots of Thought.

Art Direction and Web Design by Leslie Plumb

Inflexions No. 7: Animating Biophilosophy (*view Flash web-issue here)

NODE: Edited by A.J. Nocek and Phillip Thurtle.
The work collected here generate nomadic moments within biological thinking about life. Animating Biophilosophy, encouraging thought to move, sense, respond. Forging a new relation between thought and life.

TANGENT: Edited by Marie-Pier Boucher and Adam Szymanski.
"From Earth to Outer Space"
, embodied art and activist practices explore zones of (in)habitability.

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INFLeXions No. 6: Arakawa & Gins, a special issue
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Edited by Jondi Keane & Trish Glazebrook
Web design and Art Direction by Leslie Plumb

Into the Midst: An Out-of-Series Inflexions issue *FLASH ONLY

This issue consists of participant responses to Into the Midst', a SenseLab event that occurred in October of 2012. Into the Midst was a five-day collaborative research-creation workshop in and around the SATosphere, the Society for Art and Technology's interactive immersive projection environment (aka 'The Dome').

This issue is the first experiment in our new 'out of series' journal issues. Authorship within these issues will be treated as a collective experience, and contributions to an issue engaged by the design as a chorus. The design of this particular issue is a collaboration between Erin Manning and Leslie Plumb.

*please note FLASH plugins are required. If you are using devices without Flash capabilities, you will be re-routed to one image section of this issue that has been made in HTML**. However, the text portions of this issue are only available in Flash. Select screen-capture images of the interface will be made available soon.

INFLeXions No. 4 - Transversal Fields of Experience (Nov. 2010)

edited by Christoph Brunner, Troy Rhoades, Bianca Scliar, and Janita Wiersma
web design by Leslie Plumb

NFLeXions No. 3 - Micropolitics: Exploring Ethico-Aesthetics (Oct. 2009)

edited by Nasrin Himada, Erin Manning and Leslie Plumb
web design by Leslie Plumb


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