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INFLeXions No. 1- How is Research-Creation? (May 2008)

This Was Now; Terrains of Absence by Mark Iwinski


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The current work entitled This was now and the ghost buildings in Terrains of Absence use a photo-performative version of ana-photography.  They reveal losses to the architectural fabric of our cities through urban renewal and create a spectral slippage between the past and our current sense of time and place.  These images were rephotographed from the original locations as viewed through 8" x 10" transparencies of late 19th- early 20th-century photographs. The first image, This Was Now, uses an enlarged film still from a 1916 silent film shot on location in Ithaca.  The works are all printed with the hand shown life size.  All of the works were made in Ithaca, New York between 2006 and 2007.  

This Was Now


This Was Now

Terrains of Absence

Terrains of Absence

Terrains of Absence

Terrains of Absence

  INFLeXions No. 1 (May 2008)
How is Research-Creation?

edited by Alanna Thain

Affective Commotion
Alanna Thain

Creative Propositions for Thought in Motion
Erin Manning

The Thinking-Feeling of What Happens: A Semblance of a Conversation
Brian Massumi

Clone your Technics! Research-Creation, Radical Empiricism and the Constraints of Models
Andrew Murphie

Thinking Spaces for Research-Creation
Derek McCormack

Infinity in a Step: On the Compression and Complexity of a Movement Thought
Stamatia Portanova

edited by Christoph Brunner and Natasha Prevost

Systèmes des Sons

Frédéric Lavoie

What is a Smooth Plane? A journey of Nomadology 001
Yuk Hui

Amélie Brisson-Darveau

Fugue Marc Ngui: Diagrams for Deleuze & Guattari’s A Thousand Plateaus
Bianca Scliar Mancini

Diagrams for Deleuze & Guattari's A Thousand Plateaus
Marc Ngui

This Was Now; Terrains of Absence
Mark Iwinski