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INFLeXions No. 1- How is Research-Creation? (May 2008)

Diagrams for Deleuze & Guattari's A Thousand Plateaus by Marc Ngui


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Semiotic chains of every nature are connected to very diverse modes of coding .. that bring into play not only different regimes of signs but also states of things of differing status. ‘Collective assemblages of enunciation function directly within machinic assemblages; it is not impossible to make a radical break between regiments regimes of signs and their objects. … A rhizome ceaselessly establishes connections between semiotic chains, organizations of power, and circumstances relative to the arts, sciences, and social struggles. (Rhizome, page 7)


For both statements and desires, the issue is never to reduce the unconscious or to interpret it or to make it signify according to a tree model. The issue is to produce the unconscious, and with it new statements, different desires: the rhizome is precisely this production of the unconscious. (Rhizome, page 18).

One of the essential characteristics of the dream of multiplicity is that each element ceaselessly varies and alters in distance in relation to the others. On the Wolf-Man’s nose, the elements determined as pores in the skin, little scars in the pores, little ruts in the scar tissue, ceaselessly dance, grow and diminish without their elements changing in nature. A swarm of bees: here they come as a rumble of soccer players in striped jerseys, or a band of Tuareg. Or: the wolf clan doubles up with a swarm of bees .. What is the significance of these indivisible distances that are ceaselessly transformed … ? Is it not the intensive character of this kind of multiplicity’s elements and the relations between them? Exactly like a speed or temperature, which is not composed of other speeds and temperatures bur rather is enveloped in or envelops others. (One or Several Wolves, page 31)

The metric principle of these multiplicities is not to be found in a homogeneous milieu but resides elsewhere, in forces at work within them, in physical phenomena inhabiting them, precisely in the libido, which constitutes them from within, and in constituting them necessarily divides into different qualitative variables and flows.(One or Several Wolves, page 31)

The pack, even on its own turf , is constituted by a line of flight or of deterritorialization that is a component part of it, and to which it accredits a high positive value, whereas masses only integrate these lines in order to segment them, obstruct them, ascribe them a negative sign.(One or Several Wolves, page 33).

The distinction to be made is not between exterior and interior, which are always relative , changing and reversible but between different types of multiplicities that coexist, interpenetrate, and change places – machines, cogs, motors and elements that are set in motion at a given moment, forming an assemblage of productive statements: “I love you” (or whatever). (One or Several Wolves, page 36)

  INFLeXions No. 1 (May 2008)
How is Research-Creation?

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