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  NODE features a group of conceptually interlinked pieces that engage with a particular problematic in a variety of different modes, including but not limited to academic essays._

present individual contributions to the theory and practice of research-creation. Tangents pieces strike off in directions all their own, and resonate across their divergences. Taken together, they suggest potential connections with each other and the issue Node.

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INFLeXions No. 5 - Gilbert Simondon
(March 2012)

interface-concept design by Ron Simon
web development by Leslie Plumb

NODE: No. 5 - Gilbert Simondon
edited by Marie-Pierre Boucher and Patrick Harrop

Milieus, Techniques, Aesthetics
Marie–Pier Boucher and Patrick Harrop i–iii

What is Relational Thinking?
Didier Debaise 1–11

38Hz., 7.5 Minutes
Ted Krueger 12–29

Humans and Machines
Thomas Lamarre 30–68

Simondon, Bioart, and the Milieus of Biotechnology
Rob Mitchell 69–111

Just Noticeable Difference:
Ontogenesis, Performativity and the Perceptual Gap
Chris Salter 112–130

Machine Cinematography
Henning Schmidgen 131–148

Alien Media: Interview with Rafael Lozano–Hemmer
Marie–Pier Boucher and Patrick Harrop 149–160

edited by Troy Rhoades

Le temps de l’oeuvre, le temps de l’acte: Entretien avec Bernard Aspe
Interview by Erik Bordeleau 161–184

Gobs and Gobs of Metaphor: Larry Bissonette’s Typed Massage
Ralph James Savarese 185–224

Messy Time, Refined
Ronald T Simon
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  INFLeXions No. 4 - Transversal Fields of Experience (Nov. 2010)
web-concept by Leslie Plumb
NODE: No. 4 - Transversal Fields of Experience

edited by Christoph Brunner and Troy Rhoades

Transversal Fields of Experience
Christoph Brunner and Troy Rhoades i-viii

ZeNeZ and the Re[a]dShift BOOM!
Sher Doruff 1-32

Body, The Scrivener – The Somagrammical Alphabet Of “Deep”
Kaisa Kurikka and Jukka Sihvonen 33-47

Anarchival Cinemas
Alanna Thain 48-68

Syn-aesthetics – total artwork or difference engine?
Anna Munster 69-94

Icon Icon
Aden Evens 95-117

Edgy Colour: Digital Colour in Experimental Film and Video
Simon Payne 118-140

“Still Life” de Jia Zhangke: Les temps de la rencontre
Erik Bordeleau 141-163

To Dance Life: On Veridiana Zurita’s “Das Partes for Video”
Rick Dolphijn 164-182

Jazz And Emergence (Part One) - From Calculus to Cage, and from Charlie Parker to Ornette Coleman: Complexity and the Aesthetics and Politics of Emergent Form in Jazz
Martin E. Rosenberg 183-277
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  TANGENTS: No. 4 - Transversal Fields of Experience (*Flash plugins required)
edited by Bianca Scliar Mancini and Janita Wiersma
3 Poems
Crina Bondre Ardelean

Healing Series*
Brian Knep 278-280
R.U.N.: A Short Statement on the Work*
Paul Gazzola 281-284
Castings: A Conversation*
Deborah Margo, Bianca Scliar Mancini and Janita Wiersma 285-310
Matter, Manner, Idea

Sjoerd van Tuinen 311-336

On Critique
Brian Massumi
Loco-Motion* (Flash version concept made in collaboration with Leslie Plumb)
Andrew Murphie
341-343 > HTML version
  An Emergent Tuning as Molecular Organizational Mode
Heidi Fast 344-359

Semiotext(e): Interview with Sylvere Lotringer

Andreia Oliveira
  INFLeXions No. 3 - Micropolitics: Exploring Ethico-Aesthetics (Oct. 2009)
web-concept by Leslie Plumb
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  NODE: No. 3 - Micropolitics: Exploring Ethico-Aesthetics
edited by Nasrin Himada and Erin Manning

From Noun to Verb: The Micropolitics of "Making Collective" - An Interview between Inflexions Editors Ering Manning & Nasrin Himada
with Erin Manning and Nasrin Himada i-viii

Plants Don't Have Legs - An Interview with Gina Badger
with Gina Badger and Nasrin Himada 1-32

Becoming Apprentice to Materials - An Interview with Adam Bobbette
with Adam Bobbette and Nasrin Himada 33-47

Micropolitics in the Desert - Politics and the Law in Australian Aborigianl Communities" - An Interview with Barbara Glowczewski
with Barbara Glowczewski, Erin Manning and Brian Massumi 48-68

Les baleines et la forêt amazonienne - Gabriel Tarde et la cosmopolitique Entrevue avec Bruno Latoure
avec Bruno Latour, Erin Manning et Brian Massumi 69-94

Of Whales and the Amazon Forest - Gabriel Tarde and Cosmopolitics Interview with Bruno Latour
with Bruno Latour, Erin Manning and Brian Massumi 95-117

Saisir le politique dans l’évènementiel - Entrevue avec Maurizio Lazzarato
avec Maurizio Lazzarato, Erin Manning et Brian Massumi 118-140

Grasping the Political in the Event - Interview with Maurizio Lazzarato
with Maurizio Lazzarato, Erin Manning and Brian Massumi 141-163

Cinematic Practice Does Politics - Interview with Julia Loktev
with Julia Loktev and Nasrin Himada 164-182

Of Microperception and Micropolitics - An Interview with Brian Massumi
with Joel Loktev and Brian Massumi 183-275

Histoire du milieu: entre macro et mésopolique - Entrevue avec Isabelle Stengers
avec Isabelle Stengers, Erin Manning, et Brian Massumi 183-275

History through the Middle: Between Macro and Mesopolitics - an Interview with Isabelle Stengers
with Isabelle Stengers, Erin Manning, and Brian Massumi 183-275

Non-NODE non-TANGENT: No. 3 - Micropolitics: Exploring Ethico-Aesthetics

Affective Territories by Margarida Carvalho

Margarida Carvalho, College of Media Studies and Communication - Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon 183-275

  TANGENTS: No. 3 - Micropolitics: Exploring Ethico-Aesthetics (*all tangents require Flash plugins)
edited by Erin Manning and Leslie Plumb
  Tangents for this issue are “molecules” from Society of Molecules - May 1-7 2009 a distributed international event organized by the SenseLab. Each molecule was composed of 3-10 people in 16 locations across the world. One member of each molecule was designated as an “emissary” and visited another molecule during the period leading up to the event. Emissaries deposited a “seed” with the host molecule and brought back a “recipe” to their home molecule. Molecular events were conceived as local interventions with ethico-aesthetic reverbations on a micropolitical level.


Appetite Forever: Amsterdam Molecule*
Rick Dolphi jn and Veridiana Zurita
Digestive Derivatives: Amsterdam Molecule*
Sher Doruff
Body of Water: Weimar Molecule*
João da Silva
Concrete Gardens: Montreal Molecule 1*    
Cuerpo Común: Madrid Molecule*
Jaime del Val
Dark Precursor: Naples Molecule*
Beatrice Ferrara, Vito Campanelli, Tiziana Terranova, Michaela Quadraro, Vittorio Milone
Diagramming Movement: London Molecule*
Sebastian Abrahamsson, Gill Clarke, Diana Henry, Jeff Hung, Joe Gerlach, Zeynep Gunduz, Chris Jannides, Thomas Jellis, Derek McCormack, Sarah Rubidge, Alan Stones, Andrew Wilford
Double Booking: Boston Molecule*
Free Phone: San Diego/Tijuana Molecule*
Micha Cardenas, Chris Head, Katherine Sweetman, Camilo Ontiveros, Elle Mehrmand and Felipe Zuniga
Futuring Bodies: Melbourne Molecule*
Tony Yap, Mike Hornblow, Pia Ednie-Brown and her Plastic Futures studio- PALS Plasticity and Autotrophic Life Society, Adele Varcoe and her Fashion Design studio (both from RMIT)
Generative Thought Machine: Sydney Molecule*
Mat Wall-Smith, Anna Munster, Andrew Murphie, Gillian Fuller, Lone Bertelsen
Humboldt's Meal: Berlin Molecule*
Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll, Alex Schweder
Lack of Information: Montreal Molecule 2*
Jonas Fritsch, Christoph Brunner, Joel Mckim, Marie-Eve Bélanger...
Olympic Phi-Fi: London Molecule 2*
M. Beatrice Fazi, Jonathan Fletcher, Caroline Heron, Luciana Parisi
Vagins-à-Dents: Hull Molecule *
Marie-Ève Bélanger, Jean-Pierre Couture, Dalie Giroux, Rebecca Lavoie
Wait: Toronto Molecule*
Alessandra Renzi, Laura Kane
  INFLeXions No. 2 - Rhythmic Nexus: the Felt Togetherness of Movement and Thought (Jan. 2009)
web-concept by Leslie Plumb
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  NODE: No. 2 - Rhythmic Nexus: the Felt Togetherness of Movement and Thought
edited by Stamatia Portonova

Editorial: The Complexity of Collabor(el)ations
Stamatia Portanova

Trilogie Stroboscopique + Lilith
Antonin De Bemels

The Speculative Generalization of the Function: A Key to Whitehead
James Bradley

Propositions for the Verge: William Forsythe's Choreographic Objects
Erin Manning

Extensive Continuum: Towards a Rhythmic Anarchitecture
Steve Goodman & Luciana Parisi

Feeling Feelings: the Work of Russell Dumas through Whitehead's Process and Reality
Philipa Rothfield

Against Full Frontal
Alanna Thain


  TANGENT: No. 2 - Rhythmic Nexus: the Felt Togetherness of Movement and Thought
edited by Natasha Prévost and Bianca Scliar Mancini (*all tangents require Flash plugins)
Walking Distance from the Studio*
Francis Alÿs
The Red Line
Lex Braes
Research-Creation Collaboration*
Marie Brassard & Alessander MacSween
Occasional Experiences Series (excerpts)*
Gerardo Cibelli
Spatial Vibration: string-based instrumen, study II, 2008*
Olafur Eliasson
Hand's Door*
Michel Groisman
Louise Lecavalier
Otto Oscar Hernández Ruiz
Bending Back In a Field of Experience*
João da Silva
How I learned to stop loving and worry about Dubai*
Charles Stankievech
Vinil Filmes
  INFLeXions No. 1- How is Research-Creation? (May 2008)  
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  NODE: No. 1- How is Research-Creation?
edited by Alanna Thain

Affective Commotion
Alanna Thain

Creative Propositions for Thought in Motion
Erin Manning

The Thinking-Feeling of What Happens: A Semblance of a Conversation
Brian Massumi

Clone your Technics! Research-Creation, Radical Empiricism and the Constraints of Models
Andrew Murphie

Thinking Spaces for Research-Creation
Derek McCormack

Infinity in a Step: On the Compression and Complexity of a Movement Thought
Stamatia Portanova


TANGENTS: No. 1 - How is Research-Creation?
edited by Christoph Brunner and Natasha Prevost

Systèmes des Sons

Frédéric Lavoie

What is a Smooth Plane? A journey of Nomadology 001
Yuk Hui

Amélie Brisson-Darveau

Fugue Marc Ngui: Diagrams for Deleuze & Guattari’s A Thousand Plateaus
Bianca Scliar Mancini

Diagrams for Deleuze & Guattari's A Thousand Plateaus
Marc Ngui

This Was Now; Terrains of Absence
Mark Iwinski

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